MfL reflection: Vivi Byrne

A Personal Reflection on Meeting for Learning

It’s now about 5 months since we were in Tasmania for MfL. Here are some of my thoughts about the experience to date.

I never would have thought of going if my friend Kerry hadn’t told me about what it meant to her and encouraged me to think about going. I’m so glad she did.

The whole experience of MfL worked so well for me – it was a beautiful balance of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ with stimulating input, time to workshop together, contemplation periods in those magnificent surroundings, social times, deep sharing with creative listening and at meal times a warm togetherness with humour and laughter.

There was opportunity to go ‘inside’ and understand my past spiritual journey in a longer, wider, deeper way that has allowed me to see what I am now ready for and to move into that. I was enabled to let go of a great deal of past ‘stuff’ that was blocking me and gained a sense of moving into this newer more spiritually connected time and a confidence in that.

There was a real strength in doing this with a others with whom I felt a great deal in common, yet each with our own baggage and stories, doubts and hopes.

Even during the retreat, there was a sense of this being not just a week apart, but the beginning of a year long process and indeed the beginning of the rest of our lives. I felt and still feel, hopeful and expectant. (This was reinforced by the knowledge that others who had engaged in MfL had told us of the profound experience it had been for them.)

I am still wearing big L plates, my support group are encouraging, listen with understanding and momentum comes from this. I think they feel a bit as if they too are journeying with me and I hope it is a worthwhile experience for them.

As my friend Liz, who also went to MfL exclaimed, “I listen and ‘being’ moves in!” It’s true and it pretty much sums up what I am learning from this ongoing process. This kind of listening is an understanding that has deepened and become a most important part of my spiritual practice since MfL. Apart from an intentional time set apart early in the day, there are all those incidental moments where I slip into that aware ‘listening’ state. And then there’s MfW which now has even more value for me than previously where I am nourished by our worship together.

I hope there are many more f/Friends who can find what I have and am finding in MfL and its associated ongoing journey.

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