MfL reflection: Drew Thomas

My Experience of Meeting for Learning

When I first came to Quakers, I shared the often reported “coming home” experience.

An experienced Friend “nudged” me to attend Meeting for Learning (MfL). The experience opened a number of doors in my new found home, and I found many simple and sophisticated treasures.

I delighted in the rhythm of a contemplative Quaker community. The silent day was an added bonus.

I was well cared for and well stimulated by the excellence of the facilitators. I felt both safe, and open to new learning.

I encountered a number of Quaker writers, early, more recent, and current. I began to develop an understanding of the richness and diversity of Quaker seeking, process, and practice. The fire of my affection for the work of Parker Palmer was ignited, and is still growing.

The projects during the subsequent year and the second retreat and the continuing contact with both the facilitators and my support group magnified my learning and spiritual growth.

Most importantly, if there is a most, I was held in a profound and sustained space to meet and converse with my inner teacher.

Looking back, MfL provided, (and continues to provide), vital energy and insight to my Quaker faith and practice. I encourage you to participate.

Drew Thomas

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