Engaging with the Quaker Testimonies: a Tookit

Copies of Engaging with the Quaker Testimonies: a Tookit are available for loan. Please contact Julie Webb (qla@quakers.org.au or 08 8261 561).

The Toolkit is a resource for Quaker meetings and Quaker groups; it contains tools to help us engage with the implications of the Quaker testimonies in our own lives and work. It is designed both for experienced Friends and those new to Quakers; others who are not Friends may also find it useful.

Like any toolkit, it is designed to be used, not just looked at and stored on a shelf. It contains short articles, questions to think about, exercises to do in small or large groups, and references to websites, books and relevant organisations. The authors of the various sections represent a variety of views and different emphases; our testimonies are alive and developing, and sometimes we disagree.

The Toolkit is designed to be used in a group, in a spirit of worship, study and enquiry. This reflects our belief that our testimonies spring from insights which we hold in common as Friends though we often live them out in the world as individuals. Studying them together, so that we can each hear others’ experiences, can deepen our understanding. This in turn can enrich our life as a worshipping community, and perhaps lead us to take action.

The Toolkit is organised in sections. Each has a short written introduction, a choice of exercise to work on, and a list of books and relevant organisations for study and action. In Section 9 you will find contact details for some possible sources of the suggested books. We suggest you take one section at a time, giving participants the opportunity to read the introductory material beforehand, and then choose one of the exercises to work through together. You may wish to return to the section and choose another exercise to work on at a later time. We recommend that one or two people take responsibility for guiding each session; Section 8 gives guidelines for facilitators.

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