Couple enrichment

Why would a couple with a satisfactory relationship want to attend a Couple Enrichment workshop?

“Our relationship is OK. Why fix it?” you might say. But a couple relationship doesn’t remain static. It is always changing. Taken for granted, it loses it spark. Its vitality depends upon continuing growth.

Our strong, healthy relationships are a treasure, and they deserve to be cared for as we encounter the many pressures in living today. We all find it helpful to polish up our skills in teaching, in medicine, in business, and in other vocations. Why not do the same in our marriages?

Could you and your partner be more effective in communicating with each other? Would you like to share more deeply your thoughts and feelings about your spiritual journey and leadings? Couple Enrichment workshops help couples celebrate the joys and strengths of their relationships and develop skills to enrich facets that could be improved.

What happens in a Couple Enrichment workshop?

A group of five to nine couples meet for a weekend to share with each other. In an environment of growing trust and support the partners take stock, reviewing together what they value in each other, take time to work through some of the differences or disagreements which they have been pushing aside. They then see how other couples relate, and allow the love between them to flow over everyone.

A Couple Enrichment event is a relaxed, enjoyable experience for the participants. It is not a therapy sessions, not marriage counseling, not an encounter group. It is designed for couples with satisfactory relationships which they wish to strengthen and enhance.

The first Quaker enrichment workshops were developed in 1969 by David Mace, an internationally known authority on family sociology and marriage counseling. He and his wife, Vera, called Friends to face the need for conscious, continuing effort to main strong, sound, growing relationships.

In the US and Canada, Couple Enrichment workshops sponsored by Friends General Conference (FGC) parallel a growing nationwide movement for marriage enrichment. Couple Enrichment workshops include couples who view themselves as committed partners, whether legally married or not, and without discrimination as to gender orientation.

Each Couple Enrichment workshop is led by a couple who has been trained and recognized by Friends General Conference, in accordance with the standards of the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment. Each leader couple bring to their leadership a commitment to growth in their own relationship, a willingness to share about their relationship with other couples, and a sensitivity toward the needs and aspirations of the other participants with them in the workshop.

The trained leader couples know the strength of Couple Enrichment and are eager to share it with Friends throughout Australia. If you would like to organize a couples weekend or event for your meeting, contact Susan Nelson and Gerry Fahey at

Download a copy of the Couple Enrichment brochure for yourself or your meeting.

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