Welcome to QLA

Quaker Learning Australia (QLA) – a committee of Australia Yearly Meeting.

We are connected by our Quaker community.   With that of God within everyone, we explore the evolutionary potential of our faith, thought, worship and life.

QLA offers enrichment and support to our contemporary spiritual journeys, with their opportunities and challenges, including facilitating Meeting for Learning annually.

Two functions of QLA are to offer spiritual and learning resources both online and hard-copy materials and to coordinate the Meeting for Learning retreat program which is held annually.

QLA Aims and Objectives:

  •  provide information and facilitate the annual Meeting for Learning program
  •  identify, create and offer resources for learning
  •  deepen understanding of Quaker practices and ways
  •  encourage friendships and spiritual conversations
  •  nurture leadings and life journeys
  •  share insights and stories of lived experiences
  •  open dialogue about issues of interest and concern
  •  inform Seekers and Enquirers
  •  connect with isolated and housebound seekers and
  •  value those beyond our immediate communities.

The name “Quaker Learning Australia” was agreed at mid-year Standing Committee (2008) as a way of differentiating between the Meeting for Learning retreat program, and the work of the committee.

Quaker Learning Australia is a committee of the Australia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) under the care of Tasmania Regional Meetinng.  The committee consists of  Stephanie Farrall, Siobhan Harpur, Pamela Leach, Robin McLean, Katherine Purnell, Felicity Rose, Jenny Seaton and Kevin Sheldon.

You may have skills or resources to offer or ideas about Quaker learning; you may have identified a need to be met or want to report on something you’ve tried. Feel free to contact any member of the committee – we will welcome your contribution.

The QLA site will evolve and develop, as a learning site should. We welcome your further visits, and also any suggestions you have for content or capability.