Quaker Quest

In essence, Quaker Quest is a series of public open meetings on Quaker topics. The sessions follow a lively format which engages those attending intently for two hours. During each session three Friends speak briefly from the heart about the evening’s topic. The group then divides into small groups each facilitated by a Friend who makes certain that everyone has a chance to share. The three presenters then offer a second, shorter set of talks. A question and answer period follows. The program closes with a 30-minute Meeting for Worship.

Quaker Quest is a dynamic new approach to outreach that has brought seekers to meetings all over England. It is based on the idea that Quakerism, “a spiritual path for our time,” is simple, radical, and contemporary.

Australian Friends have adopted and adapted the Quaker Quest process, and some are finding it as valuable for learning about ourselves as for engaging people interested in the Quaker way.

BYM Quaker Quest

Quaker Quest books from Britain Yearly Meeting and Eastern Suburbs Local Meeting in Adelaide are available for loan.

For further information contact Julie Webb on 08 8261 5617, mobile 0408 285 407  or qla@quakers.org.au

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